Today I got up early and created 2 stunning hand tied bouquets. With my kids (in the rain) I headed out into the town to ‘hide’ them for 2 lucky people to find. 

One we hid in Victoria Park on a bench near to Tory’s Cafe.

The other was placed on the top of the toy digger in the Orchard Shopping Centre.

Both bouquets contained a message asking their finder to offer them a new home and to TAKE A PHOTO OF THEM IN THEIR NEW HOME AND ADD IT TO SOCIAL MEDIA TAGGING @lushfloristry…

A while later I returned to check that the bouquets had been found. Success! They had both gone.

Now I sit here, like a worried mother, awaiting news of their new abodes. Let’s hope their whereabouts gets posted soon as I’m eager to know that they were gratefully received.