We’ve only been here a few months and managed to get out and about a fair bit and have found plenty of lovely flowery places. A strong Stirling family favourite has been the Grounds of the City in Alexandria. We happened upon it whilst driving past one day and were drawn in by all of the gorgeous twinkly lights. They have lots of different outdoor and indoor spaces decorated beautifully with hanging plants and lights and the food is fabulous.

It’s inspiring to see so many preserved flowers there too, many of which were new to me like Stirlingia (my namesake) and brightly coloured bunny tails. My most recent work has included a large amount of dried flowers and foliage so it’s good to know there’s so many types available here. 

Here’s a few photos taken recently on our visits to The Grounds, Stirling in South Australia, us dressed up in rainbow rose flower crowns for Australia day! I also enjoyed a short stint of working at The Grounds in the flower shop there but sadly Covid ended that prematurely. It did remind me, however, how much I absolutely need floristry in my life and it’s inspired me to get my business back up and running out here. I’ve also made a few fab new friends that’ll I’ll be taking with me!